House Rules

Policies, Requests and Suggestions

We are excited that your Group is coming to stay at Blue Mountain Retreat. We want you to have a wonderful time, with lots of fun and adventures returning home with lasting memories of your time together at Blue Mountain.

To ensure that your stay goes as smoothly as possible here are a few guidelines for your group to follow... if you have any questions or concerns please let us know.

SHOES: Although it is not required, we ask that you remove shoes in the house.

BEDDING/LINENS: Are provided for all of the bedrooms.

TOWELS: Kitchen towels, hand towels, and bath towels are provided.

SMOKING POLICY: No smoking in the home.

ALCOHOL POLICY: Alcohol is allowed, however this is a family environment and we would expect the guest to act responsibly at all times. We reserve the right to ask any guest being disruptive to leave the premises.

FIREARMS: Absolutely no firearm use on the property.

PLEASE NO ANIMALS, NO EXCEPTIONS: Disregarding this will result in loss of your deposit, and any future use of the Lodge. Many people use our home, those that have allergies to pets can be effected by previous groups pets. Pets in a new environment can behave differently, we have found that some potty trained pets at home may not be in a new environment. We are sorry to be so firm on this but experience has taught us that it is best that pets stay home. There is dog and cat boarding in Port Hadlock - 8 miles from us on the way to the grocery store. (, $28 a night.


RV: We have no RV hookups. You are welcome to park close to the home where there are outside plugs and hose bib.

Again we are looking forward to your families stay and would like to help make it as wonderful as possible. A more inclusive list of amenities is available on this website. Please feel free to call if you have further questions regarding your plans during your stay here.


Planning Tips

Suggested items to bring: Paper towels, Zip lock bags, Children DVD's, Helmets for kids - trikes and floor scooters are in the playroom/garage with a cement floor, helmets are advised.

When planning food have a committee that plans the menu, then have those who live closest purchase all of the food and supplies. Make cooking assignments ahead of time for groups of 4-6 depending on your group size to be in charge of preparing the meal, and another group for clean up. It's fun to mix these groups up so they are a mix of aunts/uncles/siblings/cousins/friends/etc. you get to spend some quality time working together in a small group and it's a great way to get to know each other better.

Try to plan meals that meat can be left out of easily. BBQ with lots of side dishes and salads that are meatless.

Always have a supply of p.b.j.'s aka peanut butter and jelly and Popsicles!

Paper products are something to consider with large groups.

Plan activities that are flexible... and then try to go with the flow. If everyone is really having a great time at one activity, carry on as long as they want. Also it never hurts to plan down time for a little R&R.

Take along some kid movies for the little guys in the evening... when they get tired and cranky, it's hard for anyone to have a good time! Be flexible and take advantage of the time you have together!

If you are planning a day excursion, eat out for dinner or plan a simple evening meal.

Committees for activities like field day, skits, group pictures, game night.... is helpful. Having some of the kids give input and be a part of the committees is a great idea.

Check In/Out and Maintenance

Suggested items to bring: Paper towels, Zip lock bags, Children DVD's, Table games, Shower supplies, Indoor slippers or shoes - although not required we ask that you remove shoes in the home. Helmets for kids - trikes and floor scooters are in the playroom/garage with a cement floor, helmets are advised.

Check In

  • Check in is 4 pm. 
  • You will receive a code to get into the front door a few days prior to your arrival.
  • Once you have explored the home if you have any questions please call: 
    Dave Gale. 916-509-6362.

Home Maintenance

  • The garbage dumpster is located outside in the driveway. No liquids and please keep the lids closed to deter animals.
  • Recycle - 3 recycle containers are in the pantry; 1. Glass 2. Paper and cardboard,large boxes can be collapsed and put next to bin 3. Clean metal, aluminum and plastic water bottles only. No clam shell or other plastic containers. If you do not want to rinse containers before recycling, please put in garbage.
  • Full propane bottles for the barbecue are located under the deck.
  • Jacuzzi Hot Tub - Hot tub is cleaned and treated in between groups. Add 1 cap full of "replenish" daily after use. When kids use the hot tub it is difficult to keep it clean.
  • Thermostats are located in the kitchen on the main floor and in the TV room downstairs. Press the up or down arrow to the desired temperature followed by the hold button. The main two floors are heated with a radiant floor system which warms up slowly but maintains temperature really well. The secondary heating/air conditioning unit mounted on the wall in the kitchen area should stay 5 degrees lower than the main thermostat or the heated floor will not turn on. The garage/play room, foam block room and master bedroom are independent heat/air conditioning units and are simply controlled by temperature up and down arrows.
  • If you have a spill on the carpet please pull the portable carpet cleaner out of the front entry closet, add hot water where labeled and clean up spill as good as possible.

Check Out

  • Check out is 10am.
  • Leave linens on beds and put towels in bathrooms.
  • Deep cleaning is done by our crew. Please pick up garbage and arrange the toys and furnishings back to the way they were when you arrived.
  • Have dishes clean and put away with counters wiped down. It is ok to leave a clean load in the dishwasher if it is still running when ready to leave.
  • Turn thermostats down to 68 and turn off heat in the garage/playroom.
  • If the home is left in disarray $200 of the damage deposit will be kept.

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